Our Partners

Our Partners

  • Our real estate and development transactions exceed more than $1B in value
  • We have in excess of 40 projects currently under construction
  • In the past five years, we have developed more than 400 customer locations to completion
  • We partner with the best companies to help us accomplish your vision
  • Types of developments and customer businesses:
    • Single-family Residential
    • Multi-family Residential
    • Car Washes
    • Automotive Repair Centers
    • Animal Clinics
    • ER Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Quick Service Restaurants
    • Grocery Stores
    • General Merchandise Retailers
    • Fitness Clubs and Gyms
    • Collision Repair Centers

Our team knows how to make things happen and we are site location experts. The combination of our industry-leading software tools and our 360 degree ‘boots on the ground’ approach, enables us to secure the best sites for our customers, period.

Our teams stay involved and we like hard hats and work boots. Many of us have construction and outdoor work experience and we visit our sites, walk our sites, and fully scope our sites to ensure you love them as much as we do. Or put another way, we want each site to exceed our customer’s performance expectations and metrics.

Cross excels in developing properties from the ground up, redeveloping properties, project financing, leasing of all types, and most importantly, finding ways to make deals work for all parties.


Quote from Casey Shires, founder: “We develop relationships for the long haul. We never go into any deal as if it were a ‘one and done’ opportunity.”

Quote from Steve Grimshaw, Chairman at Caliber Collision: “Working with the Cross Development Team is a large part of why we have so many great locations. But with them, it is always about our relationship and taking care of us as a customer, first.”